Louisiana is my home.

Anne Parr has realized many of her dreams while remaining close to her Cajun roots in her home state of Louisiana. A member of numerous local, state, national and international organizations, a dedicated academician, a culinarian, and an environmental conservationist, Anne enjoys spending time with family and friends in and around her hometown of Houma, Louisiana.

A True Cajun

Cajun is something you will find only in Louisiana. Cajun is found not only in the ancestral roots of its people, but also the language, cooking, and culture. Cajun is in the soul. Anne Parr is proud of her heritage and it shows in her cooking and spirit. Anne spent most of her childhood summers at her grandparents' fishing camp on Last Island, a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico, watching her grandmother prepare colorful Cajun dishes, and listening to her grandfather’s recollections of his own childhood on the bayou. These memories had a huge impact on the career path that Anne has followed as well as her desire to help preserve Acadian culture in south Louisiana. 

A Love of Nature

And it was on the Louisiana Bayou where Anne Parr gained a love for nature and all the beauty it possesses. She believes that the world we live in deserves to be protected and we should do everything in our power to help. Anne strives in her everyday life to improve the world around her. Her love of animals shows at home where she loves to spend quality time with her two “babies,” her dog Dixie and cat T-Lou Parr. Every chance she gets to be near the water, Anne enjoys listening to the laugh of the seagulls and watching pelicans glide gracefully with wings expanded until they splash down to feed.

  Women for a Better Louisiana

A Lifelong Education

Along with her administrative duties as Assistant Dean, Anne held the title of Assistant Professor at Nicholls State University where she taught Culinary History and Development, Food and Culture of the American South, and Product Development and Evaluation.  Anne Parr has accomplished much in her career, earning her Bachelor’s degree cum laude from Nicholls in 1988 then her Master’s with a 4.0 GPA from LSU in 2003, with her most notable achievement possibly being the designation of Certified Culinary Professional, a title held by fewer than 250 professionals worldwide. Inspired by her family, professors and her graduate studies mentor, Prof. Art Crawley, Anne leads by example, continuing her education as a lifelong learner.

Welcome to the website of Anne Parr. Within these pages you will find heartfelt celebration and vibrant joi de vivre unique to the Acadian culture.  Please come back anytime to see what’s new.

Anne's graduation from LSU
Anne's graduation from LSU

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